Taipei Region Analysis

Taipei Region Analysis - Taipei Region Analysis Taipei City...

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Taipei Region Analysis Taipei City is the capital of Taiwan, since 1949, and the largest city in the country. Located in the Northern top of Taiwan its part of a main business region. The variety in transportation such as train, and railways allows the people from Taipei to travel anywhere they need to in Taiwan. Taipei was founded in the 18th century, and became crucial for overseas trade the following century (Taipei, 2010) Taipei first belonged to Japan, but they lost the city to the republic of China in 1945 after Japan lost World War II. Taipei has many alliances among them is the Asia Pacific Cooperation, and the Egmont group of Financial Intelligence, Taipei has been given the observer status at 10 intergovernmental industries, and they hold diplomacy relations with approximately 25 countries, trying to establish a peaceful cross-strait relation with other countries, to increase free trade and economic integration. Taipei physical environment consist of mountains, hills, and basins. Mountains occupy around eight percent of the island, and the basins, and rivers occupy the rest of the area. Taipei’s economic development has been growing rapidly, and has developed into a major city, in which other companies want to have their businesses. Taipei at the moment is the leading industry sector; they have significant industries making textiles, clothing, food, and beverages, and precision
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Taipei Region Analysis - Taipei Region Analysis Taipei City...

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