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What is Globalization - Globalization Questionnaire 1...

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Globalization Questionnaire 1 Globalization Questionnaire Rosa L. Flores Global Business Strategies/MGT/448 March 15, 2010 Prof. Rachel Vargas-Rodriguez
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Globalization Questionnaire 2 Globalization Questionnaire A) What is globalization, and what are some of the traditional international trade theories that support the concept of globalization? Globalization is a tricky term to describe because the term is described differently by different people giving the term their personal meaning. Globalization can be described has a movement on the way to countries joining cost-effectively, through education, culture and political principles, and viewing themselves through their public characteristics, and as a piece of the globe as a full. Globalization can bring people, and organizations of different parts of the world together to create one single project or many projects. People are brought together in globalization by the economy, and the Worldwide Web (Wise geek, 2010) Former President Bill Clinton once defined globalization has something a person could not hold off, or turn off; he also describe globalization as equivalent to a force of nature. Many theories support globalization among these theories is the product life-cycle theory. The product life-cycle theory basically is the phase a product goes through from introduction to the point the
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What is Globalization - Globalization Questionnaire 1...

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