thorr motorcycle indv. week 4 rosa

thorr motorcycle indv. week 4 rosa - Thorr Motorcycles...

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Thorr Motorcycles Simulation     1 Thorr Motorcycles Simulation Rosa L. Flores Marketing/Mkt 421 Prof. Howard Kersey November 30, 2009
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Thorr Motorcycles Simulation     2 Thorr Motorcycles Simulation The simulation in week five, called, “Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing,” a visual map was created and applied to a marketing diagram for Thorr Motorcycles. Criteria’s selected, are essentially significant to the Thorr merchandise and clientele, the parameters selected were lifestyle image, quality engineering, price, and service. For all the stages of the simulation, the circumstances, suggested answer, and outcome will be explained. The association among the concepts of differentiation and positioning of products/services will be covered as well as the influence of the merchandise cycle of life in marketing. Thorr Motorcycles, Inc. is a $5 billion corporation. They produce a variety of motorcycles and make more than 200,000 units per year. Additionally, Thorr Motorcycles sells extra products like shirts, biker boots, and leather items (Thorr Motorcycles Simulation, 2009) Standard of living representation is a significant characteristic to Thorr Motorcycles, Inc. as it can sway shoppers to buy a Cruiser Thorr because what it signifies. The visual map is an illustration representing the shoppers’ point of view of the product. The representation of lifestyle the Cruiser Thorr gives is liberty, manliness, and the ability to move to another social group. With the plummet of revenue, Thorr Motorcycles will have the necessity to change the buyers’ picture, to convey earnings to the Cruiser Thorr once more. The simulation allows the constructing, and using of a perceptual map to generate a
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thorr motorcycle indv. week 4 rosa - Thorr Motorcycles...

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