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Computer Information Processing - Computer Information...

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Computer Information Processing 1 Computer Information Processing Rosa L. Flores University of Phoenix Computer and Information Processing CIS/319 Jose Torres July 9, 2008
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Computer Information Processing 2 Computer Information Processing This paper will discuss the importance of accuracy; in data input. This paper will provide some ideas on how to choose the appropriate method of data for specific situations. Another subject will be; storage devices and their uses. This paper will explain the role of speed in a computer. Accuracy of data input is important if a business is to run with quality, and integrity. In, the best interest of the company, to match the best method to the situation. If a company has printed questionnaires that need to be filled out, they would not use a microphone to fill them out; because it can not accomplish the job. The best method of input would be a pen and pad. If a company has telephone surveys to be answered; the method of input, could be a pen and pad, but this can be time consuming, so the best method of input in this situation is a keyboard and monitor, the company will save time and money. If a bank has checks to register, their best method of input will be a keyboard, a mouse and a touch screen; the bank will save money, and time because they would not have to print everything by hand they can keep track of it on the computer system. For retail tags the best method of input; would be a hand held scanning device, this device is
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Computer Information Processing - Computer Information...

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