Implementation-Rosa[1] - Implementation To implement the...

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Implementation To implement the bar-code scanner, the group approaches the implementation phase of the waterfall effect. The group has evaluated all the pros and cons of each start-up phase before deciding the appropriate way to implement a scanner for Con-way freight. The first phase looked at was the purging phase. The group concluded this phase is too risky and will cost large amounts of money to train all the personnel at once. The second phase analyzed was the pilot phase; which requires testing the scanner in a few service centers. The concern was the risk of adequate business operations while implementing this phase at more than one location at a time. The third phase taken in consideration was the parallel phase; which was determined to be too complicated. The company would have duplicate and double records. This phase was viewed as the most time consuming. After interviewing the service center manager, Steve Cochran at the West Palm Beach, Florida location, the most appropriate method of implementation for the bar-code scanner, will
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Implementation-Rosa[1] - Implementation To implement the...

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