What DBMSs do you recommend for the Bead Bar

What DBMSs do you recommend for the Bead Bar - The systems...

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What DBMSs do you recommend for the Bead Bar? The DMNS that I would recommend for the Bead Bar Consultant group would be a Data Warehousing Database. This system allows the group the most flexibility and the ability to contain all the key element they requested. This system also, allows the most change and flexibility. With creation a warehousing database it is much easier to isolate problems or issues that need to be corrected. The most business in today’s growth world, change is inevitable. This system will allow the group to use all of the require field for their customers and also their staff.
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Unformatted text preview: The systems can cost somewhere in the millions when you factor in all the software, hardware and consultants need to establish the system. There are many benefits with having this system, but it can be a costly decision. The group has to take into consider that yes, this is a costly systems, but the system can increase revenue and decrease overall production costs. The system is going to be an investment for the Bead Bar Consultant Group and with any investments there are risks. The return they receive once the system is up and running will be much greater than their initial investment....
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