IT205-Potential IT Professions - Part 1

IT205-Potential IT Professions - Part 1 - Write, update,...

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IT205 Potential IT Professions - Part 1 Computer Systems Analysis Improve existing computer systems and develop new systems. Test and maintain computer programs and systems. Revise programming based on errors found during tests. Write computer programs. Talk with staff or clients to determine their computer needs. Link different computer systems so information can be shared. Coordinate installation of new computer programs or hardware. Create charts and diagrams that show how the programs interact. Create and review plans about developing new systems. Examine computer reports and test results to find problems. Write documentation about program and system procedures. Prepare reports for managers about programming costs and benefits for the organization. Computer Programming/Software Engineering
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Unformatted text preview: Write, update, and maintain computer programs or software to do specific tasks. Correct computer program errors. Test programs and software to be sure it works correctly. Keep a record of program development and changes so others will understand the process. Update, modify, and expand existing programs. Write or contribute to technical or user manuals. Study how a computer network responds to a program. Work with computer users and analysts to find and fix program problems. Debug programs by testing them, making changes, and rechecking them until they run correctly. Work with computer manufacturers and users to develop new programming methods. May train or direct other programmers or computer operators. Attend workshops and seminars to keep skills up-to-date....
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IT205-Potential IT Professions - Part 1 - Write, update,...

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