Bead Bar Coultant CheckPoint

Bead Bar Coultant CheckPoint - 1 How can the Bead Bar use...

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1. How can the Bead Bar use flat file databases? The Bead Bar could use a flat file database in their personal digital assistants (PDA). This type of database has been replaced by more efficient and elaborate database. The flat file database has the ability to store basic table structure information; like a spreadsheet. This type database would work well to organize and maintain personal contact information in their PDA’s. 2. What DBMSs do you recommend for the Bead Bar? The DMNS that I would recommend for the Bead Bar Consultant group would be a Data Warehousing Database. This system allows the group the most flexibility and the ability to contain the entire key element they requested. This system also, allows the most change and flexibility. With creation a warehousing database it is much easier to isolate problems or issues that need to be corrected. The most business in today’s growth world, change is inevitable. This system will allow the group to use all of the require field for their customers and also their staff. The systems can cost somewhere in the millions when you factor in all the software, hardware
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Bead Bar Coultant CheckPoint - 1 How can the Bead Bar use...

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