Com 135 week 3 Day 4

Com 135 week 3 Day 4 - Another form of communication used is business is email According the reading in Chapter 5,” 50 e-mail messages are sent

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Consider the following: There are many distinctions among the different types of communication techniques used in the business world. · Select two techniques. · Provide an example of when it is appropriate to use each in corporate communication There are many distinctions among different communication type in the business world. A memo is a form of communication used in business. Memos are an internal form of communication within the company or organization. Memo can be used to inform personnel about new directives or tasks. There are five component that are key to writing a memo; the memo ID, Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion and Audience Recognition. There are also software programs that can assist with temples for memos. The information in the body of the memo can contain abbreviation or acronyms in by that company.
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Unformatted text preview: Another form of communication used is business is email. According the reading in Chapter 5,” 50% e-mail messages are sent and received daily by business employees.” Emails are used for both internal and external communication. Employees’ communication with coworker, friends, family, vendor and business acquaintances associates. Email is a less formal form of communication. Abbreviation and acronyms are often used for phase, such as C-Ya for See ya. The biggest challenge or obstacle when addressing your audience in an email involves multicultural readers. Both forms of communication are both very effective, in a business setting. The author needs to know when to use either form of written. Mastering this will be valuable in both personal and professional life....
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