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Legal Consideration Week 1- Day 5 The product tag that I choose was a pillow.  This product did use legal consideration.  Most of  the information on the product tag was in reference to liability law.  The company (Hollander  Hone Fashions Corp.) included require consumer information.  Informing the consumers all  products was made with polyester fibers.  A business address was included on the tag for any  customer complaints or inquires. There is also a registry number and a federal rn number on the  product.    The pillow also had a small gray and white tag with the company name and their logo with their  registered trademark sign.  As for the other law including in the reading material, the product did  not have.  There was no information about copyright or contract or warranty information.  Maybe 
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Unformatted text preview: it was just because of the product that I choose. Most of the consumer information was reference liability law. The information on the tag protected the company in case of any injury due to their product. If I was a lawyer examining this product, I would not change any information that was currently on the tag. The product that I am reviewing is a pillow not a vacuum or a television that might need a one year manufactor warranty with the product. There is nothing on the product tag that would have a copyright law. There would really be no fear or worries if someone was to reproduce this information. The product tag is pretty much a standard tag with require information for consumers by law....
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