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Wk 4-com130 - There are so many opportunities in just about...

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Christa Gibbs Week: 4- Using the Library to Research Day: 4 Using the Library to Research According to Money Magazine, a career as a Computer Software Engineer was ranked number one in the year 2006. The Computer Software Engineer field is expected to grow rapidly between now and the year 2014. One of the major reasons for the rapid growth in this career field is the consistent demand for computer system design and other service industries. Computer Software Engineer also has a very comparable salary. An average college graduate in 2005 estimated earnings were about 52,464, according to National Association of Colleges and Employees. There are also specialized skills in the Software Engineering field that can boost annual earnings. In this career field there are many different area work in and specialized certificates to obtain.
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Unformatted text preview: There are so many opportunities in just about every company for a Computer Software Engineer. Most employers prefer a Bachelor’s degree when hiring a Computer Software Engineer. It is also desirable to have some sort of internship or co-op for experience in this fast pace career. No matter how large or small a company is; in today’ technology word computers are everywhere and so are Computer Software Engineers. Companies are always looking for someone who has proven knowledge and ability to solve problem using the fundamentals of computer science. Obtain information for this assignment from: http://swtuopproxy.museglobal.com/MuseSessionID=f29befca848c7aec4ed5184b94a7cdd/Mus eHost=web.ebscohost.com/MusePath/ehost/pdf?vid=4&hid=109&sid=b4695ff3-d54f-446b-8f36-f76863a4da33%40sessionmgr106...
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