CRT 205 Final - Controversy on the War on Drugs Christa H....

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Controversy on the War on Drugs Christa H. Gibbs Axia College CRT 205 Business Research and Writing for the IT Professional
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This significance of this paper is to summarize and evaluate the debate on whether the petty drug offenders should be crowding our prisons, and also if some drugs should be legalized or at least decriminalized to reduce our prison populations. This issue is linked to Parenti’s discussion on drugs and the “War of Drugs”. Many of prisons in the United States are overcrowded because of the petty offenders and the first time offenders that have minimum mandatory sentences, which are outrageous sentences for these offenders. Parenti notes that “a Federal Judge sentenced a man twenty two years for beating and elderly woman to death. A few hours later the same judge sentenced a 25 year old first time drug offender, father of two young children, to 55 years.” (p.124) The articles that I have chosen to debate the positives and negatives of reducing mandatory sentencing for drug offenders. This aspect is a very controversial issue right now. Many people are getting sentenced to serve more prison time for petty drug offenses than for murder. These drug offenders are being charged with harsher punishments than that of mobsters, murderers, child molesters, and rapists. The first article is entitled “Prison overcrowding creates a Need for Prison Alternatives”, written by Alida Merlo and Peter
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CRT 205 Final - Controversy on the War on Drugs Christa H....

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