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Axia College Material Appendix B Personal Computer Hardware Matrix Hardware Component Function of Component Device Category Category Reasoning Keyboard The keyboard allows a user to enter text, numbers, and simple commands, such as delete. Input The keyboard is an input device because it allows the user to send data directly to the computer. 1.Monitor Allows a user to enter to view and see the inputted information Out p ut The Monitor allows the user to see information, pictures and video. .etc 2.Mouse Allows the user to move around and select different information with ease. Also helps with data input
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Unformatted text preview: Input Allows contol of the input fuctions 3.Printer Trafers text and images from the computer to paper Output The printer gives the user the flexibility to view, edit on paper and share information 4.Speakers Outputs sound… such as music or sound from video Mulitmedia Allow the user to listen in sound from downloaded music,CD, ipod or video 5.Camera Takes pictures and allow the user the ablility to store and edited images Mulitmedia Allow the user to trafer, view and edit a picture. No more 1 hr photo IT 205...
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