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What are the fundamental differences between Windows ® , Mac OS ® , UNIX, and Linux operating systems for personal computers? What unique characteristics do mainframe operating systems have? There are many differences between many of today’s operating systems.  DOS was created in  the early 1980 and work well, but it lack the ability to multitask.  The operating system could only  handle 640KB of primary memory.  This played a big factor in the size of applications that could  be applied to a DOS system.   Microsoft window pick up where DOS left off.  Windows has the ability to operate in DOS mode.  This operating system is the mostly commonly used system foe personal home computer.  Window 95, 98, ME and Xo are generally used for home use; which window 200 and NT are  used primary for business use. Another operating systems is Linux or better known as UNIX.  UNIX is a versatile system, but 
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Unformatted text preview: never become widely used for personal use. The system has the ability to multitask and multiprogramming. Many top companies have established their systems with UNIX. UNIX is a multiuser friendly, reliable and free system. Apple Computer Corporation developed a system in 1984. The current model of the operating system is called X, meaning 10. This system was based UNIX. The system has a graphical interface called Aqua. Operating system X is known for its multimedia capabilities, entertainment and in publishing industries. Mainframe Computers need special operating systems that can handle high load. This type of computer is generally used to support larger business. Mainframes can also handle multiple processors at the same time....
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