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week8 - 3 Use the University Library The journal is about a...

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Discuss the purpose of journals and professional papers. The purpose for using a journal in professional writing; is to help gather the writer thoughts. It is kind of like a brain storm or of outline of what the material you are writing is going to be about. Using a journal is also similar to your rough draft or pre-write 2. Discuss the organization of a technical scientific paper. It is very important and critical that a technical writer have great organizational skills. Technical writers are excepted to be well thought out and have the ability to write well organized material.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Use the University Library The journal is about a medical database called MEDLINE. MEDLINE contain medical publications important to health science professional information. The journal so references other medical databases they are linked to MEDLINE. Journal of the American Society for Medical Technology [Clin Lab Sci], ISSN: 0894-959X, 2008 winter; Vol. 21 (1), pp. 49-57; PMID: 18335862...
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