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Taking a Position: After reading the comic strip I found the material very alarming. The person in the comic strip “Tonya,” was not a true friend. She put Anita into an ethical and moral bind. If she did not inform the Human Resources department, the incident could have came back to haunt her. The company may have found out about the issues week of months later and Tanya might have said that Anita was in on the plan. To avoid anything coming back on her, Anita informed proper company official to handle the situation. By confronting the situation head on, she was able to show that is a loyal and dedicated employee. She is an employee with integrity and great morals. Anita is a great and wonderful asset to her employer.
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Unformatted text preview: If I was a similar situation I would do the same thing. I have been in a situation where I knew a friend was taking money from our employer (US Army). I informed my supervisor what was going on and an investigation was started to look into the situation. I felt bad for the person but they had put me between a rock and a hard. I had to make a decision my career or my so called friendship. I looked out for me and choose my career. I refer to the person as my so called friend because if they were my true friend then they would never have put me in that situation. My so called friend was later chapter out of the Army. I feel that it was the best decision for my life....
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