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ABC_Systems_History - ABC Systems History ABC Systems...

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ABC Systems History
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ABC Systems History Page 2 of 4 1 Background information on ABC Systems You work for ABC Systems, a company that provides software development and support services to businesses throughout the world. ABC Systems has been asked to develop a new product – the Viking project management tool. You have been asked to manage this project. Viking is ABC Systems’ 2 nd software development project. Their first project, Matador, is a time sheet system that interfaces with all of the major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to automate the collection and reporting of employee work against defined projects, and to automate the billing of employee work where appropriate. You have spent the first few weeks of employment wandering about the company and asking questions. Here is what you discover: 1.1 ABC Systems ABC Systems is a rather small company whose president is very wealthy. The president has asked you to manage the Viking project/product. He tells you that you are to assume that you will not share any resources with the Matador project as they are still working full-time on version 2.
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