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NBA 5150 Case Study #2

NBA 5150 Case Study #2 - Case Study#2 Datavision Koonal...

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Case Study #2: Datavision Koonal Bharadwaj Professor: Michael J Hostetler NBA 515 5/5/11
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1) Datavison leadership has a command and control structure to the organization and because of this I believe that problems stem from the top, particularly Campbell. The significant problem with the organization is communication and trust that permeates Datavision and again coming from Campbell himself that trickles down to his subordinates. This fractures the organizational leadership at the company, giving rise to the same problems within the vice presidents. Campbell lacks communication as a leader and often times leaves vice presidents out of his decision-making. He is believed to make and unmake decisions for his own reasons, accepts little input from others in making decisions and does not communicate the reasoning behind his decisions to others. This leads to greater confusion amongst the staff and one of the biggest reasons for turnover in the company at 30%. Since he does not communicate his reasons for his decisions this shows he does not trust his vice presidents to provide valuable feedback as to the true course of action for the company. Because of this, there is a lack of clarity in the organizational structure and confusion about the company goals, leading to declining profits and eating away at the backlogs. Since Campbell is exhibiting the command and control leadership style instead of leading from behind, vice presidents have been conditioned to think they are unable to trust their own abilities to guide the company and provide input on company wide decisions. What Every Leader Needs to Know About His Followers, also relates to this issue by him not interacting enough with his followers to understand how it is best to lead them. This is a direct result of the poor communication and trust that he has with his subordinates. Vice presidents are also exhibiting a clear lack of communication laterally between other VP’s and vertically back to Campbell. Vice presidents criticize other executives however they do not communicate constructive feedback to one another. They feel they are unable to do this based upon the atmosphere of a lack of communication and trust between a vice president and Campbell.
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NBA 5150 Case Study #2 - Case Study#2 Datavision Koonal...

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