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NBA 5150 Reflection Paper

NBA 5150 Reflection Paper - Koonal Bharadwaj NBA 515...

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Koonal Bharadwaj 2/24/11 NBA 515 Reflection Paper Question 1: During the leadership activities, people exhibited a wide range of personality traits that I was a little surprised to see and learn. Starting with the individuals that were following the leader, these people tended to help the leader in anyway possible. Recognizing that giving ideas and suggestions helped the leader make the best possible choice, and by extension, increase the chances of success at the given task. Furthermore, when presented with a task/activity, with a little competition from other groups, each member of the group was self-motivated and internalized the problem and solution. This helped to achieve our end goal without the constant intervention of our leader. But this also created some very interesting problems as well. In one particular situation, the people mover activity (moving the individual 360 degrees), as the activity was taking place, an unexpected outcome had arisen giving way to group members shouting orders back and forth to correct the error. When the group was put under pressure, unexpectedly, every member felt it was their duty to correct the problem, which was a positive, however this created chaos, panic and the eventual failure of the activity, which was a huge negative. What I learned from people in leadership roles is the reluctance to intervene, take a firm stance on a position, or delegate tasks/orders, in order to not look “bossy.” What I saw was
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