Case #2 - The problem at Datavision is the lack of...

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The problem at Datavision is the lack of camaraderie and cohesiveness. Vice presidents criticize other executives and strict territories have been developed leading to little interaction amongst different departments. This segregation is a result of a lack of trust and approval of what other people are doing. Little trust is instilled in each other and as a result they do not pool their information, which could aid in the performance in all of the departments by gaining a broader picture of the operations of different sections and plan accordingly. In order for a company to operate at a high level of performance, there needs to be effective communication across all of the departments. Different departments place blame on other departments for failures and many vice presidents are afraid to confront other vice presidents or approach Campbell with concerns. In a cohesive environment different departments would try and encourage and aid other departments with the desire for the company to achieve its goals and doing so as a collective unit. Vice Presidents should not feel hesitant to confront their boss if their concern correlates to the well-being of the company. Campbell lacks camaraderie as a leader and often times leaves vice presidents out of his decision making. He is believed to make and unmake decisions for his own reasons, accepts little input from others in making decisions and does not communicate the reasoning behind his decisions to others. In order to create effective decisions he should gain feedback and become more involved with his vice presidents, since in most cases they probably have valuable input concerning different issues. A lack of camaraderie is also seen by the lack of organizational structure and having Sisco reporting to Campbell. This display of cronyism further divides members of the group
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Case #2 - The problem at Datavision is the lack of...

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