Final Exam - The climate of Quaker is informal, friendly...

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The climate of Quaker is informal, friendly and encourages openness in discussing differences of opinion, and influencing driven by persuasion and analyses rather than by authority. Great emphasis is placed on customer service, participation in decision making and leading by example, which translates to an environment that lacks hierarchy and produces hard work and a tough minded approach to business decisions. The organization of Quaker is very direct and has the Manufacturing, Research and Engineering, and Sales and Marketing divisions reporting directly to the President, and the Chemical Products Division reports to the chairman of the board. This is very conducive to company operations because it ensures that the primary leader is well informed concerning a broad range of departments amongst the company. This enables for broad communication amongst departments that aids them in working as a cohesive unit. The encouragement of openness and teamwork also contributes to the high levels of communication that allows the company to respond to the marketplace. High ranking managers are forced to spend a year working in the Holderness office to better understand the company’s culture, facilities, organization and practices. This is very beneficial to these managers because it gives them the opportunity to fully grasp the way in which Quaker conducts business and will make them a more effective manager. The responsibility lines require managers to be versatile and responsible for other departments, thus, giving them greater visibility on the operations across the company. This open form of communication and interaction with other departments is a great asset to managers because it allows them to make decisions based on knowledge pertaining to many other departments besides their own. The marketing and sales division is divided into field sales, corporate marketing and technical support services, each of which was led by a vice president. This structure is very beneficial by allowing Quaker to concentrate and focus heavily on each department and ensure that each field is able to better serve their
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customers. It creates thorough and distinct duties for each position and promotes accountability and attention to detail for each field and how they contribute to the operations of Quaker and its customers. The product managers and the salesforce have a close relationship as well, which is very conducive to suiting the customer’s needs and problems. The overall organization and
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Final Exam - The climate of Quaker is informal, friendly...

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