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PGE 323Test_3(2006)

PGE 323Test_3(2006) - PGE 323 Test#3 Open notes May 4 2006...

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PGE 323 Test#3 Open notes May 4, 2006 Pope 1. (50%) Consider a core flood experiment done under ideal conditions so that all of the assumptions used to derive the 1-D linear convection-dispersion equation are valid. (a) Suppose the core if full of white water at time zero. Then a small slug of blue water is injected from time 0 to time t 1 . Then a small slug of white water is injected from time t 1 to time t 2 . Lastly, a small slug of red water is injected from time t 2 to time t 3 . Make sketches of the concentration history (production) for each of the following assumptions: 1. no dispersion or diffusion 2. very small dispersion coefficient and 3. very large dispersion coefficient. Use non-dimensional variables as used in the course notes so that each slug has a normalized concentration of either 1 or 0. Carefully label and explain your sketches. Although there is no unique answer to this question and your sketches do not need to be perfect, you should be careful to conserve mass, make the slugs come out
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