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PGE 323 Test#1 Open notes February 18, 2008 Pope 1. (30%) The most general form of Darcy's law we use in this course is: ( 29 rj j j j j k u k P g D = - μ r r (a ) Under what condition is this equation not valid? (b) Show how to simplify this equation step by step assuming single phase flow in an isotropic, one-dimensional porous medium with a constant dip angle. (c) Does the simplified equation apply to compressible flow? Unsteady state flow? Variable permeability? Pressure-dependent viscosity? Variable temperature? 2. (70%) In homework#3, problem 2, you used point sources and sinks to model a horizontal injection well and a horizontal production well. In part c, you used image points to show how upper and lower boundaries could be modeled. Boundaries to the left and right of the original wells are added in this problem. (a) Assume the left boundary is a plane parallel to the y-z plane at x=-L and the right boundary is parallel to the y-z plane at x=2L. Make a sketch showing all of the
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