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PGE 323L Test#2 Open notes April 14, 2009 Pope 1. (a) Make a sketch of oil and water relative permeability curves. Carefully label the curves. Show numerical values for the end points on your curves. Give assumed values for the oil viscosity and water viscosity and then calculate the end point mobility ratio. (b) Sketch a fractional flow curve consistent with the relative permeability curves and end point mobility ratio from part a. Carefully label your curve. Explain why the water fractional flow is not equal to the water saturation. (c) Consider an unsteady state relative permeability experiment starting at residual water saturation. Show which part of your relative permeability curves cannot be measured and explain why. (d) Make a sketch of the cumulative oil production versus time based upon your fractional flow curve. You want to stop the experiment at an oil cut of 0.005. Show when that will happen on your cumulative oil production curve. Use both the fractional flow
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