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?G€ zelL 4u**nusk-*J. - O As**r*"g- q:ke_ n,c*fu*t' {*F^,'. . 4"* pw_c,,-k &6L(42-a^e-ft . .sr_?q-*n ;U"e-+t/e't ..A-p.p.{*e-*e ,4"ry tltL"o" 6; Ho,Ir{ &. r,t"L__,, ,.f-{r., .r.r .a.{ *#x. *,i ,.}. . l'_*-0 .)t-tto-{}4.L p *:,', {,f-r, ur (ut !, e $ (*.r -Lit, u, q_ r 4 .l{ L *-t -Ond .-Q{ic-n-t --Fi,c ( r ri' .f,: . *ro, ..C l,,o.^, {c-a*ir t\ -E*;= *er{L ,'6Jc, CqO, O) "-e"*,. .-"c* *:-r^^e.* p*. . **t "A-r.le- -"]i:f U- 4ea*o- R-1I"t*- * % -"'[e* c... {e-.e*. .,.4., '*- (tCIcc}, *, u d} ,; ar,^r J:z€(]f*o p+ <*, V-AJX-{ \rert-l.{, 4 tt^"*;'* "{'f{4- 1ts-'{J*t:1* t*-€. .. 3A,oqr-\q"1-?*/f ,* glre po.fe.nt*.a; W:. .a-.r-vd tt"**u- **Y*-** rk**!-*6 W*t;;3 O(',Tt y.o,.frx-lJo fodoG:=)'l ':" 4rr(u,LtkJ'4-'1'LE K ha J cso&-optc-, go lc* = k3 * k. =\q Q(*,g,-) =ffi,.Lq,[ )=]-''** b (*,$,2)= tr L %, IC-- x;)* o {t* H-}o * (e- - a i}* -l-L t ,-\qrr k* -\ A-e\< -tg* \ bJ ft**"* rlL -K x-\m*"S*$""1f -' \/ www.chevron.com
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vx :* tsonopur s kl*k3*kn*K irr ,a*6p L%i{x-xi)f- l-}" r vx = Ifu* t%,(x-x,: l(x - x,)* 4 (*-g;)oo Vx * Efu [* [*'.S* e= ]l-(*-uo**][{x-ron*f.g."]3 w5= tuff)'*erE;=l * L=:&ap;L,F L, = tt=fr*zg'( Chevron
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hw_2.key.2009 - ?G zelL O As*r*&quot;gq:ke_ 4u*nusk-*J. -...

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