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PGE 323L HW#3 due April 2, 2009 Pope 1. (a) Derive a 3D mass balance for the gas pseudo component in cylindrical coordinates assuming the Black Oil Model applies. The Black Oil Model assumes gas partitions between the oil and gas phases as a function of pressure i.e. the solution gas is a function of pressure. Make no other assumptions. (b) Derive the diffusivity equation for the gas pseudo component starting with the mass balance from part (a) and assuming Darcy's law applies and the permeability is isotropic. Make no other assumptions. (c) Simplify the diffusivity equation from part (b) assuming radial flow and all of the assumptions we used to derive Buckley-Leverett theory for two-phase flow of gas and oil at residual water saturation. Show and explain each step. 2. The Buckley-Leverett equations for radial flow of oil and water are given in the solution key to homework problem #6 (2006) posted on Bb. Use this solution to answer the following questions assuming the initial water saturation in the reservoir is Swr and
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