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Unformatted text preview: Archaic Greek Architecture 1 Architecture of Archaic Greece - rooted in Mycenaean culture 2 Megaron at Tiryns: plan, left, and reconstructed faade, above Megaron - predecessor of the Greek temple 3 Greek Temple: typical model and plan 4 5 Origins of the archaic Doric order are thought to be in wood construction 6 7 Temple plan types used by Greeks 8 Most famous example of Doric: The Parthenon, Athens Greek Orders 9 The Doric and Ionic orders compared 10 11 Parthenon, Athens: Doric order Doric Order: Raking cornice Cornice Entablature: Triglyph Metope Capital Column shaft 12 In the 7th and 6th c. BCE, Greek culture spread around the edges of the Mediterranean and Black Seas 13 Paestum - a Greek colony on the Italian seacoast Two temples to Hera and one to Ceres 14 15 Paestum, Temples of Hera: earliest, Hera 1, on right; the later, 16 Hera 2, on left 17 Temple of Hera 1 Temple of Hera 1 18 19 Evolution of Doric order: Temple to Hera 1, foreground (left) Temple of Hera 2, background (right) Doric order: early capital, above right; more developed, below right 20 21 Temple of Hera 2 22 23 Temple of Hera 2 24 Temple of Hera 2 Hera 2 holds itself together as a unified work of architecture 25 Hera 2 Hera 1 26 Delphi 27 28 Delphi, Greece: Wild site of Mt. Parnassus is the site of an ancient oracle Delphi: Omphalos = navel of the earth 29 30 Frieze on the Temple of Apollo pediment 31 Reconstruction of Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi: 32 Treasury of Athenians 33 34 35 Archaic Greek sculpture 36 Later additions: stadium and theater 37 38 39 40 The merging of rational abstract design and wild nature ...
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