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Experiment 11 – Intermolecular Forces Summer 2010 I HAVE USED THIS LAB! IF YOU USE MY LABE VERBATUM, YOU WILL BE CAUGHT! Point Summary (See Blackboard for detailed grading rubric) Superior Excellent Satisfactory Fair Poor Omitted Introduction •Purpose of Report •Goals of Experiment Materials and Methods Results and Discussion •Description of data •Data Tables •Data Table Titles •Graphs •Figure Captions •Sample Calculations •Systematic Error •Random Error •Discussion of discrepancies Other Lab Technique TOTAL POINTS TA Comments/Suggestions:
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HEMISTRY 102L R EPORT T EMPLATE EXPT. Evaporation and Intermolecular Forces 11 11 Introduction The purpose of this report is to show and explain the results from Experiment 11 Vaporization and Intermolecular Forces. The objective of the experiment was relating the heats of vaporization and strength of intermolecular forces with changes in structure of simple hydrocarbons. The goals of the experiment were to understand how heats of vaporization vary with the strength of the intermolecular forces, and to relate the enthalpy of vaporization to intermolecular forces. Materials and Methods The procedure for this experiment was taken from the UNC-CH CHEM-102L Lab Manual, it is Experiment 11: Vaporization and Intermolecular Forces. The experiment was followed exactly as written in the lab manual. Results and Discussion A temperature sensor was equilibrated in a sample of the solvent then removed. The evaporation of the solvent from the sensor decreased the temperature to fuel the necessary heat of vaporization. Data was collected for 9 solvents and is found below. The data for alkanes are shown in Figure 1, the alcohols are in Figure 2 and the butanols are in Figure 3. Figure 1.
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uncch102L_exp11 - Experiment 11 Intermolecular Forces...

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