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Q-jane eyre is a novel that uses language and imagery to convey the fears and  apprehensions and joys effectively.discuss. JANE EYRE Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë, was a book that tells the story of a woman’s journey through her early life. It described how she found true happiness. Jane Eyre investigated many different types of people. Each character was unique in their own way and helped to shape Jane throughout her life. After closely examining each character, I decided that Jane was my favorite. I admired her for her determination and restlessness that eventually helped her achieve contentment. Her determination was a vital point in her character because it kept her working for a peaceful state of mind while living on earth. Her restlessness also showed that she would continue to strive for something better in her life as long as she felt she was not perfectly happy. I also made another decision based on the characters’ personalities. I decided that Mrs. Sarah Reed, Jane’s aunt, was my least
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