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R.B. Hayes-R Gargield-R C.A. Arthur-R Grover Cleveland-D Benjamin Harrison-R Cleveland McKinlye-R Political Situation Tarriffs- tax on imported goods- “Protectinist”-American manufacturing Infrastructure-rialroad, high way R- thought government should help out- Investment overseas D- no federal help-domestic issues growth “Party Machine”- political organization- “Boss” Tweed- ran New York city Immigration- that they were diluting American Culture Women’s suffrage Public Education-Black Americans Plessey vs. Ferguson- separate but equal Hawaii State vs. Federal power Social Welfare Republicans= “Party of morality” Democrats=”Rum, Romanism, Rebellion” Immigrants, Catholics, Civil War (CSA) Nature born White, Prot= R Foreign born, Catholic= D Church in the south- Baptist and Methodist
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Unformatted text preview: Civil Rights Movement- Booker T. Washington Fed. Income tax Revenue sources for fed government 1) existences- on alcohol and tobacco 2) tariff- customs duties Interstate Commerce Commision(ICC or ICA) RR was regulated first “spoils system”- political patronage Pendleton Act- created civil service “literacy test”- immigrants and Africans- N and S No Prostitutes, Lunatics, Criminals, Gamblers, Alcoholics, vagrant, disease “Domestic Spheres”- women are relegated to home family, education “Gendered Spheres”- mans work and women’s work McKinley- Very Tradition Republican Ran against W.J. Bryan, Nebraska- “Cross of Gold Speech” Spanish American War Assassinated by an anarchist at the international exposition 1901 Not a reformer...
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