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Superheroes Anti hero- protagonist that has major character flaws Today’s society like the myths o We like the values in the myths Classical Hero o Hero o Journey o Supernatural region forces o Face and overcomes obstacles o Returns home “Americanized” Hero o Selfless person o Gives his life to save others o Crusader who destroys evil Pattern in contemporary works o Community threatened o Government/ Institution do not see threat or cannot respond o Selfless hero emerges o
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Unformatted text preview: Renounces temptation; his own interest/ desire o Carries out “redemptive” task o Community restored, Hero leaves, Rides away • Avatar o Community= Pandora o Military Threat “un obtanium” o People are not able to save/protect community o Hero= Jake Sally- paraplegic o He gets the suit and can walk o Puts his whole life on hold o He joins for his brother o Saves Pandora from destruction o Joins with people of Pandora...
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