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Ch.2 Questions - Ch.2 "Race, Politics, and...

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Ch.2 “Race, Politics, and Propaganda” Questions Alana Rister 1. “In America, the wartime spending pulled the nation out of the Great Depression. Therefore, people were finding more jobs and were getting larger paychecks. For this reason, people were able to buy more comic books. Plus, publishers assumed a generous “pass-along” value of five readers per comic book.” 2. “The war first boosted the comic book industry because it pulled it out of the Great Depression. Second, it made them sacrifice some production. One, The Government compelled publishers to reduce their paper usage by 15-20 percent. It also strongly discouraged new publishers from entering the field. It also took away a lot of talent, because the experienced and talented writers were eligible for service. It also gave them a chance to appeal to Parents.” 3. “They had superheroes encouraging to the war effort. Ex. Superman urged readers to give to the American Red Cross. Batman and Robin asked boys and girls to “Keep the American eagle flying” by purchasing war bonds and stamps. The Government asked the Publishers to try and raise American morale. They did this by encouraging public cooperation and participation in the war effort, identifying the menace of the Axis powers, and informing audiences about the progressive war aims pursued by the United States and its Allies.” 4. “Captain America quickly became Marvel’s best-selling title and most popular character, selling close to a million copies monthly throughout the War.” 5. “If superman had just ended the war it would have minimized the daunting task faced by the nation and it’s fighting forces. Therefore they had Clark Kent try and enlist, accidently use his X-ray vision, and not be allowed to go to war. Therefore Clark Kent started policing that “The United States Army, Navy, and Marines were capable of smashing their foes without the aid of Superman”.” 6. “In the comic books, they portrayed people who weren’t helping in the war effort as insane, old hermits, and/or traitors. In one story, an ignorant old man, driven to insanity by the death of his son in WWI, vows that America must never again
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Ch.2 Questions - Ch.2 "Race, Politics, and...

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