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Ch.7 - superheroes weren’t as aligned with the...

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Ch. 7 1.) Television was good because it reached a broader area. Therefore, the watchers would start reading the comics. 4.) Green Lantern and he is still featured in the comic books today. 5.) JLA(Justice League of America)- Aquaman, Wonderman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Martian Manhunter 6.) Spiderman was introduced which brought in teens more. They started to be able to create superheroes that others could identify with. 7.) In the beginning they were supported of the authorities. After Vietnam, the
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Unformatted text preview: superheroes weren’t as aligned with the authorities. 8.)the Vietnam War 9.) women were the damsel in distress and they were looking for marriage, in the 1960’s. 11.) the connect her to the traditional role of women. 12.) righteous, arrogant, clear vision, confident, self-assured, no moral ambiguity 20.) Teenagers formed the largest percentage of the comic book market in the 1960’s. 21.) The American Dream. The youngest president ever elected. 24.) Fantastic Four 28.)...
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