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Civil War - Civil War • Affiliations Unitied States...

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Event Era 1963- children of the atom Mutants 1975- Giant X-Men #1 Enter of Wolverine, Cyclops, storm, night crawler Marvel’s Civil War A 7-issues Limited Series Draws on events from earlier comics: Avengers Disassembled House of M Decimation Secret wars House of Mutants Scarlet witch Child of Magneto Probability control Astonishing X-Men/ New Avengers Secret Wars Nick Fury brings together people he can trust.
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Unformatted text preview: Civil War • Affiliations: Unitied States Government and SHIELD • Enemies: Unregistered Heroes and Villains • Main Characters: Captain America, Iron Man, The Avengers, Men, • Pro- Registration Heroes • Iron Man • Ms. Marvel • Spider- Man • SHE- HULK • Wonderman • Doc Samson • Reed Tichards • Anti- Registration Heroes • “Secret Avengers.”—Captain America, Hercules, Bill Foster,...
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