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Minority Superheroes African-American, Native American, Asian, Latino, and LGBT Heroes Black Panther- 1966 Video Game Intorduction- Fantastic Four Falcon- 1969 African- American Can see he is black. Teamed up with captain America Luke-Cage- Power Man- 1972 70’s costume African American Criminal- experimented in jail Hero for hired Blue Beetle- Old and New Pre- 1955 When they bring back blue beetle it’s a Hispanic man John Stewart- Green Lantern, 1971 Red Wolf- 1971 Shang-Chi- 1974 X-Men- “Storm”- 1975 Captain Marvel- 1989 Woman New Orleans Cop
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Unformatted text preview: • DC’s Atom- Now on #4 and Asian #3- Adam Cray Ryan Choi 1990 There are 4 • Captain Confederacy- 1991-92 Series An Alternate History comic First Captain Confederacy was white and in rebellion against the United States. Current Captain Confederacy is a black woman pregnant with first Captain’s child. Four issues published by Marvel Epic. • Teen Titans- Cyborg- 2003 1980-Cyborg • Kate Kane- Batwoman- 2006 DC’s highest profile gay character; developed to appeal to today’s readers…...
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