Spiderman - • The black suit was an alien lifeform •...

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Spider-Man Origin of Spider- Man Stan Lee and Steve Ditko August of 1962 Last issue of Amazing (Adult) Fantasy Teen age Superhero Radioactive spider bite represents the changes of puberty Begins at high school student Problems Powers of Spider-man Proportional strength Wall crawling Peter develops Costume Web Shooters Limited gadgets Family Aunt May Uncle Ben (deceased) Mary Jane Orphaned Daily Life High school student College Student Enters ESU Aug 1965 #28 High School Science Teacher*** Always a freelance photographer with the Daily Bugle Writing Style/Fightin’ style Bounces off walls Flying kicks Combos with webbing Very chatty while fighting Humor critical point Black suit- Symbiote
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Unformatted text preview: • The black suit was an alien lifeform • Web shooters built in • Too simple? • Darkened his character • Attached to Eddie Brock became Vemon • No More Secrets • A big reveal during Civil War • Spidey starts on the registration side • Shifts to the Rebel side • Iron Spider- Tony becomes surrogate father • During Civil War Spider-Man reveals secret identity • Several additional technology based powers • Tony included a fail safe chip in case of betryal • Marvel Team-Up • From 1972-1985 • Spidey (almost always) • 141 of 150 issues • One shot or two part series • Used to introduce new villains • Lighter topics •...
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Spiderman - • The black suit was an alien lifeform •...

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