Stan Lee and the Marvel Era

Stan Lee and the Marvel Era - • The Roster o Water o...

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Stan Lee and the Marvel Era Stan “The Man” Lee o Born Stanly Martin Lieber in 1922 o Use The rise of Stan Lee o Created the Destroyer, Jack Frost, and Father Time o Promoted to Interim Editor at age 19 in 1941 after Joe Simon and Jack Kirby leave Timely Military Service o Enter US Army in 1942 o Wrote manuals, scripts, and slogans o One of nine “playwrites” o Left in 1945 o Married in 1947 Stan Lee in the 50’s o Timely evolves into Atlas comics o Stan writer romance, Westers, humor, science fiction, medieval adventure, horror, and suspense The Silver Age o #4 Showcase- Barry Allen Flash o Justice League of America (Brave and the Bold #28) Dec. 1959 Creativity with Limits o Martin Goodman assigned Stan to make a superhero team and work with Jack Kirby The Fantastic Four o A family o No costumes o No secret identities o Science based o Fight Global Problem o Issue #1 Nov. 1961
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Unformatted text preview: • The Roster o Water o Earth o Air o Fire • Family o Married FF annual #3 (nov. 1965) o Franklin Richards born FF Annual #6 o Miscarriage FF #276 o Valeria enters FF Col.3 #15 • Not always good to be a Superheor o Reed feels guilt over Ben’s metamorphosis • FF foe’s o The Skrull’s o Puppet Master o Mole Man o Annihlius • Doctor Doom o Leader of Letveria o Science& Sorcery o Regal o Noble? o Ruthless o Is it against the law to take over the world • Malice o Evil psionic entity o Split Personality • Other Superheroes by Stan Lee o Hulk(Kirby) o Iron Man(Kirby) o Thor(Kirby) o X-Men(Kirby) o Daredevil(Bill Everett) o Doctor Strange (Steve Ditko) o Spider- Man(Steve Ditko) • The Avengers o Thor o Iron Man o Ant-Man o Wasp o Hulk o (Captain America) Issue #5 •...
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Stan Lee and the Marvel Era - • The Roster o Water o...

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