Timeline - o 1970 Marvel overtakes DC • went to children...

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Superheroes Notes Timeline of Superheroes o 1934- DC (Detective Comics, National Allied Publishing, DC) Writer- Jerry Siegel and Artist- Joel Shoester- SuperMan Jews were most of the writers They made an alien because they were huge sci-fi fans They sold 13 pages for $10 dollars 1938- It was called #1 Action Comics o Timely (1930-1940), Altas (1950), Marvel (1961) Pulp Fiction Captain American, DC sued for it o 1955 The only left are Batman, Superman, and Wonder Women DC published these o 1956 March Showcase #4 Brought back Flash Caused another explosion o Ages 1938-1956- Golden Age 1956-1969- Silver Age 1969-1979-Bronze Age Increased Commercial Move to Television o 1961 The Fantastic Four Begins the Marvel Age First movie released from Marvel was Iron Man o 1966 ABC started Batman and it became big
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Unformatted text preview: o 1970 Marvel overtakes DC • went to children After starts the Bronze Age In 1969 Warner brothers buys DC o 1985 Dark Knight- Frank Miller Watchmen- Alan Moore Anti-war Independent Image Dark Horse Crisis on Infinite Earths o 1990-1993 Spike in sells Back issues became important! 3-4 different Comic Book Bubble 1993 the bubble burst Stores went out of business A few years later Marvel went bankrupt o 2000 9/11 NYC 1985- Today Event Era • 1985 was the first cross over Secret Wars • Civil War • Secret Invasion • Black Night • Brightest Day Crisis on Infinite Earths 2000 • X-men 2001 • Spiderman Dec 2009 • Disney Buys Marvel $4.1 billion...
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Timeline - o 1970 Marvel overtakes DC • went to children...

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