Women - Women 1920 o o o o 1940s o o o o o 1950s o o o o...

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Women 1920 o The vote o New woman for America o Birth Control o Smoke, bob hair 1940s o Working Women o Pin- up girls o Calendar girls o Baby Boom o Married at 18 1950s o Stay at home Moms o Popularize pants/ trousers o Tv shows o Suburbia 1960s o Camelot o Mid 60s o Counter culture o Baby boomers come of age 1970s o 2 nd wave o Become a man 1980s o 3 rd wave o Show sexuality 2010 o Balanced Traditional Qualities of Women o Good Cook o Beauty o Motherhood o Submissive o Homemaker Today’s woman o Strong o Empowered o Works outside the home o Educated o Career Look’s then
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o Skirts o Long hair o Made up o Good manners o Soft, slender, curvy o a;sdlkfj;alsdkjf;alskdjf;alskdjf;alskdfj;alsaIa;sldkfja;slkdjf;ldksaj;sdlfkjaaH a;lskdjf;alskdjf;slakdjf;aldksfaA;asldjkf;asldkfjd;slakjsdfdaT;alsdkjfa;lsjkd f;lkasdjaEal;sdkfj;alsdjf;adlskfaT;asldkfja;lskdjaHasd;lkfja;lsdkjf aI;alskdjf;alksdjfl;aksdjfS;alsdkjf;alksdjfa;sdlkjaCa;sdlkfj;alsdkjfa;lsaLa;ls dkjfaA;lsdkjf;alskdaSa;lsdkjfa;lskdjf;alskdjaSa;alksdjf;alskdjf;alksdjf Look’s now
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Women - Women 1920 o o o o 1940s o o o o o 1950s o o o o...

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