DB Week 2 Schultz

DB Week 2 Schultz - Capital Budgeting Richard Schultz...

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Capital Budgeting Richard Schultz Essentials of Business Development 2 Professor Victor Villarreal November 2, 2010 Introduction I have chosen to use my current business, Academy of Martial Arts, which is a martial arts school offering different types martial arts training to children and adults including an after school martial arts program that offers clients an alternative to after school day care services. Capital Budgeting
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Capital Budgeting - 2 The capital budgeting decision has been a very typical issue in the survival of a company. Several companies have lost their identity or liquidated due to wrong capital budgeting decision they made at one particular time or the other. Based on these prevalent problems in industries and the effect of globalization on industries, it is important to use effective method to analyze investment before decision is made. Capital budgeting is extremely important because the decision made involve the direction and opportunity for future growth of the organization. One of the traditional methods commonly used for
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DB Week 2 Schultz - Capital Budgeting Richard Schultz...

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