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Development plan USE - In developing a training plan to...

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In developing a training plan to increase the effectiveness of groups and teams, Team “B” discussed the positive aspects and possible obstacles of an effective training plan. As a team, the group decided that an effective training plan focused on a free flow of ideas, mutual respect, trust and individual empowerment (Organizational Behavior, 2007). The team appreciated the “no killing of ideas” policy where team expectations were set and mediation was the given method of resolving conflict within the group. In order to accomplish this, team B agreed that an effective training program is in order. An effective training program is one that would provide future leaders of a given organization with a blueprint of how they are expected to perform in a given role. It would provide hands on training of the different aspects of the business as well as provide opportunities for improvement and redesign throughout the organization. An effective training program at Tyco International could have avoided the disastrous leadership and corruption of former CEO L. Dennis Kozlowski in 2001 by setting a high bar for quality leadership. Under this proposed leadership development training program Tyco would focus their reconstruction on the following primary areas: Operations Management and Finance and Executive Management. Tyco International demonstrated poor leadership and lack of good judgment within their upper ranks by allowing CEO Kozlowski free reign of the company. The board of directors turned a blind eye to Kozlowski, allowing him to run the corporate ship in any manner he saw fit. Their actions allowed Kozlowski and his cronies to commit accounting fraud, enterprise corruption and embezzlement. The board’s irresponsible approach allowed him to operate as an individual and not part of a team where his actions would be accounted for by other members of the executive team. The board played no hand in properly training their management team to make the right decisions. Kozlowski and his team’s lack of integrity and overall greediness trickled down to throughout the ranks causing lower level employees to feel powerless and deceived. An effective training plan would have laid the company expectations on the line for all members of the
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Development plan USE - In developing a training plan to...

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