A_Sons_Revenge_For_H - A Sons Revenge For His Fathers Murder Interests Arise in Kenneth Branagh's Movie Hamlet The new release of the movie Hamlet

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A Sons Revenge For His Fathers Murder; Interests Arise in Kenneth Branagh’s Movie Hamlet The new release of the movie Hamlet has been announced by Kenneth Branagh and some information on the movie has been released. The movie was filmed for 2 years in London England and is expected to be released in the movie theatres on June 1 st , 2009. Kenneth Brangh makes the movie for this play because now day’s people are interested in watching movies rather than watching live shows. The story of the movie is about a castle being struck with fear as the main character, Hamlet, is tormented by his dead father’s ghost and tells Hamlet to avenge him. Throughout the movie, several famous characters will make special appearances and as the movie is expected to hold a high position of sales, it will be filled with surprises from start to finish. The main character of the movie is Hamlet which is also played by the director Kenneth Branagh. Hamlet in the play is seen as a lonely character which is betrayed by his mother by
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