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Unit_5_TIPS_pg_3 - 3 LeT L7 = sci tb and T7 = mZi nb...

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Unformatted text preview: 3. LeT L7 = sci + tb and T7 = mZi + nb , where [i andb are any Two non-collinear vecTors. If L? and? are collinear, show ThaT s : m = t : n. ., la . b S‘Nc ”Ct ~= 2 l “'5 u W VA areasull-amls 0F Venom a GM” l4“) Nam?) l'Lbl' a (Mal '5 of} Lemma“, BV “5le 3 Tc" H-Q, Ml‘Nfi 0? 51m OKO“ l’in CM‘C 64ml, :3 CAN. Lolliw ml?“ $3 T 4. a) DeTermine The sum of The vecTors from The verTices To The cenTre of a regular ocTagon. b) Is The resulT from par/T True for all regular polygons? Explain. ...
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