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Forte Ventures - Forte 1 Forte Ventures The Private...

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Forte 1 Forte Ventures The Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) is a business plan created by the Forte Ventures partners to convince investors to invest during a time that was experiencing a decline in investments. By April 2001 many companies were reporting negative earnings which had two consequences. One, the initial public offering (IPO) “market had dried up virtually overnight”,
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Forte 2 and the second “was that the aggregate portfolios of pension fund managers shrunk.” This meant that there were fewer companies to invest in, and many of the fund managers had existing investments in their portfolios that they were trying to maintain. It was during this wavering time that Maclean Palmer and his partners quit their jobs, and relocated to Boston to start Forte Ventures. The goal of Forte Ventures was to raise a $200 million venture fund that focused on backing minority managed or controlled companies. The PPM outlined how Forte would evaluate and manage investment opportunities and the risks associated with investing in Forte Ventures. The PPM also provided potential investors with a look into Forte’s current successes. This was all to convince investors that Forte Ventures was a wise investment that would pay off.
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