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Wayne Postoak - Postoak 1 Wayne Postoak Wayne Postoak held...

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Postoak 1 Wayne Postoak Wayne Postoak held several different titles and roles all of which would help prepare him for the most important role of entrepreneur. He was a teacher, coach, apprentice, athlete and on a personal lever father and son. Wayne began teaching in the 1980’s at the Haskell Indian Nations University, which at the time was named Haskell Indian Junior College. He actually started
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Postoak 2 working at the University in the 1970’s as the basketball coach/recruiter but switched to teaching when the administration’s support of the athletic program began to dwindle. At a young age his father taught him and his brothers how to lay bricks by giving them “assignments” to build walls. If the walls were not built correctly they would have to be redone, no matter how long it took or how late into the night in lasted. His father also taught him the administrative side to the construction business, like how to order supplies for the company. Wayne also excelled in sports and was offered scholarships in football, basketball, and baseball. The compilation of his life experiences gave Wayne many of the strengths needed to become a successful entrepreneur. By completing his father’s “assignments” he learned how to be patient, the importance of completing a task on time and without flaws. He also learned discipline and fairness from his father. His involvement in sports taught him how to be a team player and unselfish. As the basketball coach he was able to raise funds by overselling tickets to
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