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Melissa GrimmAssign1 - other things like activies for them...

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Melissa Grimm Eth/125 03/28/2011 So the group I picked is Hawaiians. The migration of these people to the main land is very interesting. Even though they are from the United States the people from Hawaii are from an island. So to come to the states would be a lifetime dream for any one that is not from the states. So to migrate to the main land they would have to use a boat or ship to get across the ocean. Once the people got to the main land and which was Californa. They thought to themselves what do we do now and how do we fit in. Well after living in Californa they have come up with originzed and group of Hawaiian race that have arrived to the main land or that have been there for a longer time and just need to be around people like them. They figure this will help them get jobs and get connected to other groups maybe. They will set up meeting and
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Unformatted text preview: other things like activies for them to do every year. This will help them feel more comfortable to stay in the states and then maybe they will be recognized as Hawaiian Americans. The consequences for these people would be that they would be able to feel accepted for who they are. Another consequence would be that they would be able to have their meetings because the people around them did not like the fact that these out of towners where getting together and planning something. So what they did was to change the name of the meeting and also they would change the place of the meeting. They have relized that being different is not always a bad thing but you have to be careful on what you say and where you live....
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