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Psychology of Consumerism Assignment 2 (Due September 21 by 5pm) Email to [email protected] This assignment will be a response paper to the studies from the article below (on Blackboard). In your paper: 1) summarize the rationale for the theory behind the research 2) describe the vari- ables that were examined in the correlational study and why they chose the variables they ex- amined 3) discuss the overall methodology and results of the experimental study 4) conclude with a paragraph on your own thoughts about strengths and weaknesses of the paper. Remember to include only the most crucial and important information and leave out unnecessary details.
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Unformatted text preview: This assignment will be graded and part of the grade will depend on your ability to determine which information is important. The assignment will also be graded on your grasp of the materi-al overall, the depth of thought in your conclusion on the strengths and weaknesses of the paper, and the clarity of your writing. The assignment should be 3-4 pages long. Burroughs, J.E., & Rindfleisch, A. (2002). Materialism and well-being: A conflicting values per-spective. Journal of Consumer Research, 29, 348-370. ....
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