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1. Centrist Personal Issues Score-50% Economic Issues Score-20% 2. My personal issues score has a great impact on my final result. In economy, I have mixed feelings on actions of the government. On the other hand, I am very liberal and open minded in terms of personal issues. I think that the government should not censor anything and military service should be voluntary. I had contrasting thoughts about consent, drugs and alchohol, and an ID card. 3. I actually think that I follow a more libertarian political philosophy. I tend to support freedom in personal and economic matter, but I want a small government that does not interfere, unless from coercion and violence. I also oppose government taxes and value private charity from wealthy individuals. Diverse lifestyles, a free market, and civil liberties are also important social and economic devices. 4. I disagree with conservatives. I do not think that opposing excessive government
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Unformatted text preview: control on business, aside from cutting taxes, is beneficial. This led to the recent stock market crash and recession. They also support a strong military, which requires a lot of government spending. Personally, I think that funds for governemtn spending could be allocated to more important areas like education and social welfare. I think a giant army is not necessary in the 21st century. Though they want to defend morality and the traditional family structure, this restricts freedoms. Barack Obama would score as Libertarian. Even though he supports maximum liberty, he also supports tax cuts as well (meaning he opposes government bureaucracy and taxes). He also supports the free market and defends civili liberties for all races. Mccain would score as a conservative. He fought for cutting taxes for big businesses during his campaign; in addition, he also vowed to increase military spending in Iraq...
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