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Voting used to be a privilege; all American citizens, regardless of socioeconomic status, would voice their political opinions through the voting process. People fought for centuries for universal suffrage, but all in vain. Today, apathy has engulfed U.S. voters, which can be seen by the abysmal voter turnout numbers. As demonstrated through Table 1, low voter turnout can be affected by a variety of factors from education to demographics. A person's level of education will generally affect their involvement in the campaign and the election process. I think that grade school graduates do not understand politics. Without a formal education in civics or government, people will not understand the presidential process. As a rule, people that cannot comprehend something will not have interest in it. In addition, college professors instill the importance of voting in their students. Students that fail to attend college may not realize this fact and will not turn out to vote. In addition, most presidential canidates are
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3_10FreeResponse - Voting used to be a privilege all...

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