3.3 - more Americans working it makes it difficult to reach this segment of the population during the work week 4 People on the phone can phrase

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1. Fletcher vs. Higgins 2. +/- 5% indicates the confidence interval of pollers if they choose to take another sample of voters and ask them a similar question. This means that no fewer than 65% or no more than 75% would answer the question in a different manner. Pollers usually have to take a large enough sample size to have a confidence interval this small. Margin of error is based on mathematical calculations. 3. There are several errors in telephone calling. If pollers choose to use a telephone book, they will never reach people with unlisted phone numbers or people that lack a telephone. This could prevent them from reaching people's opinion of a lower socioeconomic status. In addition, it could led to a biased statistic since primarily women or older people answer the phones. Furthermore, people will be not as likely to state their own opinion over the time due to time constraints or popular opinion. With
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Unformatted text preview: more Americans working, it makes it difficult to reach this segment of the population during the work week. 4. People on the phone can phrase the question so it makes it more likely the person on the other phone will choose a specific person. For instance, the order in which the names are listed can have an impact. In addition, when describing both candidates, negative descriptions can prevent people from choosing that person. 5. Polls that morning showed that if the election was held that day, Fletcher would have had a better chance of winning. This would fluctuate from day to day based on a variety of factors, such as people's willingness to vote. 6. Higgins won by pulling through at the last second. Fletcher did not concede until a few hours after the votes were released....
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